What would I learn in Medicare 101

Most will not take the time to sit in a Medicare 101 class. They’ll spend a lifetime wondering about it when we could’ve cleared it up in thirty minutes.

When you speak to people they’ll say, I got Medicare and it works for me”. Interestingly enough when someone says that my training tells me they don’t know the basics. What do I mean by that??

If a retiree tells me they have Medicare, I as an advisor do not know what kind they’re talking about. Is it Original Medicare Part A, Original Medicare Part B, is it both? Could it be they are talking about a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage Plan? You tell me, which plan is the retiree talking about?


One common problem I’ve found is many will visit their auto and home agent who they’ve had for 30+ yrs. Walk through the doors and say something like, “I’m retiring soon. Do you do Medicare“?

Many agents can do a Medicare Supplement simply by having a health insurance license But without a Government AHIP certificatation cannot compare Medicare Advantage plans nor Provide a client with a prescription drug plan. I believe for this reason alone you find many people on Supplement plans. The first question you could ask an agent is if they can offer precription drug or advantage plans. That way you can compare the two and not be given something that doesnt include prescription plans, or dental, vision and hearing. Those you’ll pay separately.

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Brian Benedict, Regional Manager

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