The Medicare Maze

It wasn’t until after I grasp the twist and turns of the Medicare Maze that I understood the complexities facing the 65+ crowd. In fact, the more I learn the more motivated I am to educate others.

Educating Others

My first thoughts were Since I’m retired from the City of Richmond and will lose health insurance at 65, what is the process to educate an employee prior to that date?

I should know this answer because my extra duty during my last eight years was being. Pension Secretary. I took care of pensions for retirees and their spouses. Helped them with death benefits from the state and assisted whenever I was needed. The reality is I didn’t know any Medicare answers.

I made a call to the city of Richmond controller and her assistant who helps with health benefits. I asked them when someone is turning 65 or retiring and losing health insurance what is their process? What I received was exactly what I thought.

An employee will receive a letter stating their upcoming date of non-renewal of health insurance and that’s it. After learning and listening to so many Medicare beneficiaries I immediately ask the controller if I could do a free thirty minute Medicare 101. I advised that not educating and helping an employee who has made it a career to be with this organization is a disservice and at the least needs to have 30 minutes available if they want to prepare in advance. She agreed and sat in the first meeting.

Basics of Medicare

After sitting in my webinar the city controller couldn’t believe how confusing they’ve made this process for retirees. She was so enlightened she has had me at health fairs and will ve following an INPRS state retirement outreach rep each quarter.

If you have Medicare questions or would like to schedule a free Medicare 101 for yourself or employees please reach out to me.

Brian Benedict, Regional Manager

Advocate Health Advisors


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