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Medicare Questions? We Have Answers!

Welcome to My Blog!

This blog will cover the basics of Medicare

The more I dive into Medicare the more I realize the need for Medicare 101 education. Even if you've had Medicare for years I'm sure you have questions of why my coverage is different than my neighbors? Why do I have this coverage? Why don't I have that coverage? I'm not sure if I have this coverage?

These questions are very common. You're not alone! I recommend calling a person who is not only a licensed health insurance agent but also AHIP Certified. This is a Federal Government certification that allows a health agent to provide Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Whats next

Remember, after retirement you will no longer have an HR department to call for health insurance questions. Most seniors get advice from friends, family and coworkers. They may have Medicare but unfortunately they will many times unintentionally misinform you.

Please feel free to contact me for any health insurance questions you may have.

Brian Benedict, licensed agent, AHIP Certified 888-522-3103.

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