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"Connecting the Dots"

Updated: Jan 8

Independent Investigative Research. Timelines to Means, Motive and Opportunity

You make your own hypothesis!

PART 2 - 2022 - Post-COVID-19 Timeline "Updated 12/31/2022"

PART 2 - POST COVID - 12-31-2022 Connecting the Dots
Download PDF • 134.55MB

PART 1 - COVID-19 2020 - 2021 Timeline

3-6-2022 - Connecting the Dots
Download PDF • 33.12MB

GOAL: to Save a Life...

----> Why would an experimental, so called “Vaccine” be Mandatory

when it doesn’t prevent infection or transmission to others?

…Let’s find out the Means, Motive & Opportunity....

Brian Benedict

Insurance Professional

US Army Sgt. (Veteran)

Career Firefighter (Retired)

Connecting the Dots

"Connecting the Dots" is a compilation of many articles, research study's, patents, website links, pictures and videos.

Like my grades revealed in school, you'll probably find some grammatical errors and/or a story or two that will prove to be false. I am not here to convince you. If you're reading this you're probably a grown adult and as of this writing, we are still free to read, think and speak freely. I'm simply connecting the dots like all Investigators. As a Fire Investigator my job was to investigate all types of fires by interviewing, documenting, recreating fire scenes, creating a timeline and using the scientific method to connect dots in order to create a hypothesis. This is precisely what this timeline is.

Means, Motive and Opportunity

Speaker, Earl Nightingale once said, "The opposite of Courage in this world is not Cowardness, It's Conformity."

When Censorship started with the 45th President, Donald Trump I knew that we were in trouble. Not only a President but a Billionaire. If censorship, withholding his money from a bank and targeting campaign can be aimed so easily at him it's just a matter of time before it happens to us.


This Censorship exploded into an unbelievable campaign of censoring veteran doctors, lawyers, journalist if reporting against the common 'Narrative'. When censorship happens we should all start digging our spurs in to find out why. They call it misinformation, but is it? Reading through "Connecting the Dots" will give you probabilities by identifying the Means Motive and Opportunity of a greater plan.

Protecting Family

The number one goal for me is to protect myself and my family. We all do this differently. I protect them by reading between the lines and researching every detail. Opening my mind to possibilities that seem so unfathomable it couldn't be happening this way. 'Attention to Detail' is what I was taught in the Army. I pride myself on always thinking 'Outside the Box', searching for the clues, a hint and those things hidden in plain site, not what government or main stream media tell me. My actions, analysis, and decisions are not made by anyone telling me what I should know or do but only what I've researched.

Why would we let Government tell us what's true?

One weird, but true example of this includes years of UFO sitings and harassment of witnesses & investigators who were called conspiracy theorist, mentally crazy, pilots losing jobs and targeting campaigns to discredit. August 29, 2020 the Pentagon finally acknowledged a UFO flying over the Pentagon. June 25, 2021 unclassified National Intelligence Report acknowledges 144 encounters with what the government calls Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) since 2004 (but, in order not to be categorized in the UFO conspiracy world, they renamed the sitings to UAD instead of UFO). Why do we put so much weight on the government telling us what is true and what is not?

June 25, 2021 Unclassified National Intelligence Report

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