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"Hey Brian"...

  • What is the FIRST thing you would recommend to those turning 65?

    • At least by age 64, begin to educate yourself on Basic Medicare 101.  

    • Understand enrollment timelines to avoid lifetime penalties.

  • Why is my Auto & Homeowners agent unable to offer a Prescription Drug Plan?

    • Many agents have a Health License but do not take the federal certification called (AHIP) America's Health Insurance Plans.  Therefore, they cannot offer a prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage Plans. 


      • If you're only offered Medicare Supplements, you won't be able to compare coverages, benefits & pricing between Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplements.   

      • If you do not enroll in a prescription drug plan when first eligible you may pay a lifetime penalty when you  decide to enroll. ​

  • What is the difference between Medicare Supplements from places like Humana,  United Health Care, Anthem and other insurance carriers?

    • Nothing:  Medicare Supplement plans (A, B, C D, F, G, K, L, M, N) are identical regardless of the insurance carrier you choose.   The only difference will be price.

  • Can you get Medicare if you're under 65?

    • Yes, under certain circumstances.

      • If you have been disabled for a minimum of 2 years and are on Medicaid & Medicare you may be eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan.  It is called a "Dual Special Needs Plan"​.

      • If you have a certain chronic condition you may be eligible. 

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